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Webinar: New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 11th 2018

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo, August 11th 2018

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With this Webinar we are assisting you to integrate the energies of this special cosmic event. We will explain a bit about the energetic weather and will then work on a quantum level with the participants to assist them integrating these frequencies, so they can move into the new as easily as possible. Natalie will explain the energies from an astrological point of view and Therese will include the Mayan Calendar. As always the both fit together perfectly.

The New Moon and Solar Eclipse is taking place in the sign of Leo, what has especially to do with your true self, your passion and inner fire. It is the last of three eclipses in this summers eclipse season. The timing is really perfect to feel what is in alignment with your true core being and how you want to express this in your life.

If you can´t make it at the given time you can sign up anyway, as we are working in the quantum field and the energies are available any time and as often as you want to watch the replay, which is included in the fee.

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