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Webinar: live Satt-Sang® - Healing Soulvoice, an inspiring time for you

live Satt-Sang® - Healing Soulvoice, an inspiring time for you

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I invite you to be part of my live Satt-Sang®.

You are invited to relax and come into a very special place where my healing voice will inspire you with sounds from the higher realms and send you healing and relaxing vibrations in a soul-language.
Relax at your home, take a seat in a cosy chair, close your eyes and enjoy the sounds and the space that will open up for you.

Before we start, take your time and feel into your center, and ask your heart, where you need support,
what topics need inspiration and allow spirit to give you what is best for you and for the benefit of all.
Allow to let go of what is ready to go and allow to come what is necessary.

Please use a headphone. Close all mobil phones and make sure you are not going to be bothered by any disturbance, doorbells, sounds from outside, etc.
We will start with a small introduction, ill say hello to all of you and then we will open up for the healing and inspiration.
These unique sounds will only be sang only today, never to be sang again!
I speak and sing in tongues, as they call it-
I cannot translate them for you since i dont speak them but only give them forth.
I invite you to allow your soul to recieve what is needed and listen with your heart not with your mind.
Looking forward to meet you on this soul journey I am honored to sing for you!

Thank you for giving me 18 € for my time.

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