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Webinar: Oneness Awakened Deeksha

Oneness Awakened Deeksha

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Short introduction in English, then short guided meditation (communication with your your inner source, your divine) and then transmition of the Deeksha energy.

What is Oneness Blessing / Deeksha?
The transfer of Energy which initiates the journey into Higher States of Consciousness. Deeksha (also spelled as Diksha) in Sanskrit means benediction. It is the transfer of Divine Energy which, over time is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient. This energy has been brought to the World through Divine Grace and is being bestowed upon humanity by the twin Avatars of Enlightenment Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, who reside in the Golden City, India.

What happens during Deeksha?
Deeksha initiates a neurobiological change in the brain that when complete enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded by the minds interpretations, a natural clarity of perception occurs with accompanying spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calmness and connection to the Oneness in everything.

Does Deeksha belong to any particular religion or belief?
Deeksha does not belong to any religion, nor any particular belief nor spiritual path. Deeksha is given each day to people all over the world, people of all races, all religions, all spiritual beliefs or no spiritual beliefs, and to people of all nationalities. It is not necessary to change one's religion, nor adopt a new guru or spiritual master to receive Deeksha - nor to offer Deeksha to others.

Why has Deeksha come at this time?
Our planet, and all of humanity, is currently undergoing a major evolutionary transformation. This is impacting our environment, our social structures, and our individual and collective consciousness. The twin avatars Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma have been Divinely sent to help us with this transformation, offering this awakening to the masses for the first time in thousands of years. In a very short time we will witness all of humanity shift into what is being called The Golden Age.

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