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Webinar: WeTune - weekly light codes transmission

WeTune - weekly light codes transmission

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  • Ort: Live Online-Seminar
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  • Anzahl Teilnehmer: maximal 1000
  • Anmeldefrist: 30 Minuten vor Beginn
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  • Video-Dauer: 30 Minuten
  • Sprache: Englisch
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You don't need to understand much English in this webinar as I am speaking the language of energies and love. So it's much more about feeling with your higher senses than understanding with your mind.

I am transmitting every week the energies of light codes which are given to me every time in a new way. These codes are helping you to release old programs and belief systems which no longer serve you and assist you at the same time like a key, giving you access to new parts of your soul and personal mission.

You also receive help to integrate incoming cosmic energies much easier into your energy system and daily life. It's soothing and balancing your physical body and mind. And it's strengthening your heart to walk your path with joy, love and determination.

All you need to do is open up your heart to tune in and allow to be touched by your own divinity. There will be a replay available so you can tune in whenever you feel like to make the most out of it. As I am working within the quantum field, all energies are accessible for you even if you can not attend the webinar live.

Join me to this wonderful way to tune into your new week, heart and soul.

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