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Webinar: Transformation - Quantum Healing Webinar

Transformation - Quantum Healing Webinar

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By booking this webinar you'll get in touch with the healing frequencies of source. I am offering this unique new way of transmitting the healing power of pure love to you for healing, balancing and transforming your life. In addition you are receiving your blueprint of your soul. The integration of your blueprint / true template takes a couple of weeks and comes in 3 phases. During this period you might experience how old believe systems and blocking energies are collapsing, as the new structure of your unique energetic "finger print" is implemented. Please note that this transformation is happening on a core level and it's important that you are as gentle and kind with yourself during this process.

You can watch this video daily or frequently to access these amazing vibrations and because it's done in the quantum field, you'll receive exactly what you need every time you tune into it.

All you "need" to do is to relax, open your heart and let it happen. Expect some profound changes in your own rhythm and perfect timing of your soul.

Please feel free to join the closed facebook group to share your experiences, results, find encouragement and support, ask questions etc. as this process is done ideally over a period of 7 to 21 days.

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