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Greetings and thank you for checking out my webinar offer.

Auf Deutsch

German interpreting may be available but is not guaranteed for this session at this time.
Die deutsche Übersetzung kann verfügbar sein aber wird für diese Sitzung in dieser Zeit nicht versichert.

If someone would like to interpret, you're quite welcome to contact me.

Ich kann sicher genug Deutsch sprechen für eine gute Heilsitzung oder das Harmonisieren und das Schmerzentfernen und ein grundlegendes (aber genaues) Chakra-Lesen (Chakra Reading), wann das ist was du möchtest, aber ausführlich berichtetes Chakra-Gespräch auf Deutsch ist aus fuer jetzt.
I can surely speak and understand enough German for a good quality (chakra) healing session, harmonising session, pain removal, and a basic (but exact and to-the-point) chakra reading, if that's what you wish, but a more detailed chakra talk in German is out for now, without an interpreter..

The webinar content or programme

The webinar title already lists some of the ways this session can go: It can be a "general" talk about chakras; it can be a reading of your chakras and related issues; it can become a healing or balancing or harmonising or cleansing of your chakra system or a specific part or parts of the system, or it can be removing of pain or any other (or almost any other) type of healing. Or any combination of the above. The pain removal or healing can concern any symptomatic, mental, spiritual, psychospiritual, or situational issue including addictions, cancers, financial, or relationship issues etc.

With about two or three exceptions, everyone who came to me for healing over more than three decades I've devoted to this form of service, has left my room, physical or virtual, without pain.

This chakra balancing includes the lower 6-7 chakras (Root, Solar, Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and some people have a main chakra in the stomach area) -- the crown chakra and the chakras above the crown and the chakras bellow the root chakra harmonise themselves (as far as this treatment is concerned).

For more info, either contact me (preferably call but you can also write), read or browse through the text at written partly with potential Sofego participants of this offered session in mind, or view the youtube vid (at; that's a link to the video shown on top of this page, or near the top). And I offer a free half-hour consultation when required before we possibly agree on a paid session (or you subscribe to the distance healing offered here via

Although 20 minutes is the average(!) duration (for what good averages are) of the chakra balancing, if needed, the 60 minutes permitted here is just a start -- extension (past the 60 minutes limit) for free is absolutely available when needed (either via Skype or phone e.g. or even via a texting service or through other means, or indeed in person) for as long as needed, usually no more than 1-2 extra hours, and one more follow-up healing session on another early day is also free of charge.

To book or not to book

If you're clear that you want this, great. Ditto for being clear about not wishing to book it. But if you're hesitant about signing up for this reading or healing or harmonizing (which of course, is great too), you're absolutely welcome to contact me to ask whatever you like or need to ask, or especially, in my view, to get a better 'feel' of me and of what I offer. There's contact info here on my Sofengo profile or you can go to But above all -- follow your heart, listen to your heart, listen to your Self. :)

Alternately, you're welcome to watch some of my vids at or check my website at (it's under construction but functional).

Thank you for reading.

Love and best wishes to you

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