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Webinar: Meditation to Remove Fear (Guided)

Meditation to Remove Fear (Guided)

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Proven, tested, effective, and -- also quite important -- safe healing procedure from angelic realms guided by a Reiki teacher. Enjoyable, too, especially after the fears leave, are transmuted.

If the time and datum are not to your liking, please for another time and datum -- I don't promise I'll post another session for that time and datum but I'll do my best or perhaps other arrangement can be made.

Sixty minutes has so far always been enough for this meditation/procedure, but if need be (such as more questions or requests than can be gone through within the hour), another FREE webinar can be arranged as continuation of this one.

There isn't much more that can effectively be said about this meditation in advance -- it's for doing rather than talking or writing about and it's 'beyond words', so to speak.

However, in case you feel hesitant about signing up for this meditation / fear removing procedure, you're absolutely welcome to contact me to ask whatever you like or need to ask, or especially, in my view, to get a better 'feel' of me and of what I offer. I'm still new here at sofengo and learning its idiosyncracies, but I think there's my contact info here somewhere or you can get it directly at

Alternately, you're welcome to watch some of my vids at or check my website at (which is partly under construction but functional).

Or check back later -- God willing, I'll be updating my profile and perhaps even add more info here, maybe even with a video.

Thank you for reading

Love and blessings and best wishes to you

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