By Jackie Delgado

Webinar: Connected webinar series by Jackie: Grounding

Connected webinar series by Jackie: Grounding

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#Be Free Workshop Series by Jackie presents:

Live Experience Meditation

Can you relate to feeling stuck in life, or do you suspect that you are not living the life you are capable of?
Do you feel that there are layers of stress and belief systems in your life that are still holding you back?
Do you feel it is time to look inside, rather than seeking external solutions?
Are you looking for the catalyst for change in your life?

Allow yourself some quality private time to go on this sacred retreat with me and step into your own deep, transformative world of stillness and emotional healing. You'll be amazed by this experience of deep transformative bliss.
I would love to hold the space for you. And to make it even easier I'll be offering these meditations in a webinar every other Sunday so you can join from the comfort of your own home.

Join me for experiential meditation webinars in a new way of clearing and healing. By attending these webinars you'll be able to experience how (trauma) clearing and healing is possible through Light Grids and guided meditations. Youll be able to feel the body, mind and spirit connection, to
open your heart, to connect with your energy field and inner wisdom, to reclaim the power you have lost along the way, to correct imbalances in your energy system, to remove obstructions to vitality, correct restriction so the body can more easily and naturally release the effects of stress etc. You'll leave with so much more clarity, focus, calmness, purpose, and confidence. You'll nourish your soul from any level of consciousness you are currently at. No more holding back in 2017.

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