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Webinar: ENGLISH - Burnout prevention, stress resilience - meditation

ENGLISH - Burnout prevention, stress resilience - meditation

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This program is perfect for you, when you want to find efficient and fast possibilities, tools and ways to achieve the following in your life:

- (Finally) you want to sleep through the night
- You want to have more power and energy in and for your daily life
- You strive for sense of well-being and balance
- You want to work, live and be more stress free
- You want to prevent burnout
- You want to transform pressure in power
- You want to live in peace
- You want to experience more joy and fun in your life

This meditation will be in English language. It is great for beginners as well as for advanced.

The meditation is supported by high frequent quantum energies and fields that work personally and individually for you.

Already within the first minutes you will feel the power and energy that enables you to let go stress and blockades and fill up power and energy.

You can use the energies like a energy filling station and you have the possibilities to integrate the tools and methods in your daily life.

You can book each meditation session separately.

I look forward to you and your stress resilience, your joy and freedom!

Sending you love, Michaela

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